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Christmas Tree Start to Finish


If you just purchased your tree or are looking for more information regarding the setup and shaping of your artificial Christmas trees, watch the following three-part tutorial. It’s a great way of getting your tree looking good from start to finish while answering questions along the way.


Christmas Tree FAQs

If you have specific questions, click the links below and you’ll be presented with a video answering the particular question.

  • Why should I use a worktable?
  • How do I set up my stand?
  • How do I plug in the tree?
  • Why are the light sets taped to the wiring harness?
  • Why do I have two cords that Plug into wall outlet
  • How long is the life of a miniature light bulb?
  • Why is it important to replace burnt-out bulbs?
  • If one bulb goes out will the rest stay lit?
  • If I remove a bulb will the light set go out?
  • How do I use a LightKeeper Pro?
  • How do I replace all the light bulbs in a cascaded set?
  • How do I replace a light set on my prelit tree?

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